Who is not familiar with the feeling of walking barefoot on warm sand, or the vibrancy of the body during a barefoot walk over the forest floor? When mankind still walked barefoot through nature, a natural stimulation of the feet occurred. The fine motor skills were trained through the unevenness of the ground and contributed to healthy overall motor skills. By wearing shoes with a smooth insole, the feet are no longer stimulated and they lose their flexibility and adaptability. However, even the ancient Egyptians knew that the well-being of the whole body starts with the feet.

The reflex zones on the shoe insoles are like a map: each reflex zone can be associated with an organ.

For this reason, Casa Everz GmbH has now been selling shoe insoles for over 25 years that are based on the principle of reflexology. Reflexology states that the human organs are reflected in the feet. Each body part is coupled with a certain area of the foot. The so-called reflexology insoles are therefore fitted with elevations, depressions or patterns designed to achieve overall well-being in the body. The shoe collections at Casa Everz GmbH fitted with reflexology insoles bring together fashion and comfort and ensure the overall well-being of the body that starts with the feet.

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As a product manager with over 50 years of experience in the shoe industry, since the 1990s Casa Everz GmbH has been selling the shoes with 5 ZONES Basic and REFLEX ZONES insoles that are now known worldwide. Casa Everz GmbH therefore occupies a niche as a developer and licensor in the international shoe trade that brings together well-being, fashion and function.

The shoe insoles go back to a millennia-old principle – reflexology. Even the ancient Egyptians knew that the whole organism can be brought back into balance through specific reflex zones on the feet. The reflexology insole fitted with massaging elevations was therefore introduced into the shoe market around 25 years ago to stimulate specific zones on the insoles of the feet in a targeted manner and to achieve overall well-being. The first shoe collection was launched in the year 1991 under the name „5 Points“. Since 2009, the shoe collections by Casa Everz GmbH have been known under the names 5 ZONES or REFLEX ZONES.


Enriched by the medical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians, Dr. Walter Mauch – scientist and senior consultant at the Sportsanatorium Kurotel 2002 – has dedicated himself to the principle of reflexology to manufacture a preventive and beneficial insole to insert into shoes. Over the course of his career, he had got to know all kinds of massage – such as connective tissue massage or reflexology massage – that drove his development of the reflexology insole forward.

The research work of the doctor started in the year 1977 in Bad Kissingen. He made observations on feet based on evening runs developed by him and thousands of test runs in order to manufacture an optimal reflexology insole. The aim was to stimulate specific points on the feet to achieve well-being throughout the body. In the 1990s, Casa Everz GmbH under the direction of CEO Manfred Everz took over the licences for the worldwide marketing of the insole at the time. The old patent was revised and supplemented. This reflexology insole was then protected by patent law and used for industrial shoe production.


As the developer and manufacturer of the 5 ZONES Basic and REFLEX ZONES insoles, Casa Everz GmbH enjoys the recognition of many companies and end users worldwide and offers a wide choice of shoe models in all variants, colours and heel heights.

The market leader supports licensees with marketing and advertising measures, for example through high-quality brochures, advertising displays and advertisements. Each shoe fitted with the reflexology insole is packaged in a predesigned shoebox, with a hangtag and a consecutive production number. Due to the uniform corporate design, the shoes by Casa Everz GmbH benefit from international recognition value.

The success of the first shoe collection “New Generation – 5 Reflex Zones” in the year 2009 led to further developments and models by Manfred Everz, the inventor of the patent no. 1245167. 5 ZONES Basic and REFLEX ZONES are now international brands with which a wide range of shoe models are fitted. The collections have established themselves especially in Europe and in the Middle and Far East and bring together not only comfort and function, but also en vogue fashion and trends.


Manfred Everz

Manfred everz

Samantha Armati-Everz

Samantha Armati-Everz
Product Manager & Design