In times when mass production and low prices are conquering the market, end users tend to lose sight of the health and well-being of their own body. A wide choice, trendy fashion and cheap shoes entice especially young customers into the shops. For a long time, healthy shoes were considered unfashionable or even unattractive. Casa Everz GmbH has brought together fashion and health and offers a wide choice of fashionable shoe models in many variants, colours and heal heights – fitted with the health-promoting reflexology insoles.


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Manufacturers, producers and retailers are all faced with the challenge of offering their customers special products that excel on the international market. The trend is moving in the direction of “healthy living”, finding inner balance and paying attention to personal well-being. Casa Everz is also following this trend. Casa Everz GmbH licenses the four soles 5 ZONES Basic, REFLEX ZONES Swing, REFLEX ZONES Energy and REFLEX ZONES Diabetes, acting as an international licensor.


The industrial manufacturing of comfortable shoes requires qualified skill and years of experience. The original reflexology soles are manufactured in tested and selected shoe factories, mainly in Italy, in accordance with sophisticated and prescribed criteria. With the aim of guaranteeing the highest quality and fitting forms, the collections are created in cooperation with experienced technicians, designers and modellers. To ensure high safety, quality and value, Casa Everz GmbH provides multiple warranties for the end product. The safety tag with more than three features ensures the originality of the product. At the same time, the series number allows one to identify in which shoe factory the shoes were produced.

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5 ZONES Basic and REFLEX ZONES are internationally registered brands. In combination with the patent rights, they represent a niche production in the comfort range. The shoes fitted with the reflexology insoles enjoy a unique selling point and appeal to a special target group who will find what they are looking for here: health-conscious people who would like to move freely and flexibly and take care of their body and balance preventively. Licensees therefore enjoy a niche that does not require extensive advertising and is supported by a clear corporate identity with global recognition value. The shoeboxes are available in 10 different languages and come with corresponding accessories that ensure the careful packaging of the products.


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